Why Thicker Business Cards Are Better

When you get in touch with a service provider that specializes in the printing of business cards, chances are that you will be asked a series of questions that you really need to answer accurately once all has been said and is now out of the way. These questions would be asked of you for the sole purpose of ensuring that you get your money’s worth, and perhaps the most critical query that you’d need to figure out a response for would have to do with the thickness of your cards.

There are two options that you can go for in terms of how thick your Metal Kards would be, namely fourteen point and sixteen point card stock variants. We would suggest that you opt for the thicker variety, since they are a lot more durable and will therefore last much longer than might have been the case otherwise. That is not the only benefit that you can receive by investing in thicker business cards either. An added advantage is that thicker cards have a more premium feel to them which can increase the level of trust that your clientele might place in you.

A thin and floppy business card can feel really cheap in the hand, and it might lead the person receiving it to believe that you are not a consummate professional. As if that weren’t already enough, thinner cards can become utterly destroyed if they make contact with even the smallest quantity of water. Hence, you should spend the extra money to improve their thickness since this provides a wide range of benefits on all possible fronts. People generally opt for the sixteen point variant for a reason after all.