Best love story movies so far

Have you ever wondered why Telugu Movies are so popular? Unfortunately, this question has so many answers. For people from the south, a movie is more than just a means of entertainment. The Telugu Film industry has a repeated audience. When a movie hits the records, it is watched by people many times and even at different places; maybe theatres, television, or OTT platforms. The way they present the art and culture is not seen in other industries. For South India audiences, Telugu movies are like cricket sports to Indians. Telugu films have reprised some of the beautiful love stories of all the time. Many of the films from their home will remind you of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol of KuchKuchHota Hai whereas, some of Radhe from TereNaam. Love stories from the 80s to the present generation can be found in Telugu movies. It is said that till love themes are there, makers will continue to experiment with films. One of the most adorable love stories of all time is Bhanumathi& Ramakrishna. The movie is the perfect blend of innocence and love. Telugu movies online from the different genres are available on Aha.

About the movie Bhanumathi& Ramakrishna

The story is about a girl Bhanumathi who is crossing thirty and still in search of true love. She is upset with the things going on around her after her lover leaves her. Ramakrishna, a simple guy who is also in his 30s, gets a job in a company where Bhanumathi works. Both meet, and what turns it brings to their life is all about the story.

The movie is written and directed by SrikantNagothi. YashwanthMulukutla produced Shravan Bharadwaj gives the film and music. This film was released on 3rd July 2020. Naveen Chandra and SalonyLuthra do the two lead roles. The movie is made as simple as it can be. The character of the girl is strong, and she is working hard. True love is vital for her as she wants a guy who can love her as she is. Ramakrishna is a small-town boy and values family, and is a responsible person. Serious facts, emotions, and comedy have added charm to the movie. Without any unnecessary lectures, the film is worth watching. The work of the makers is commendable as they have outstandingly presented even simple things.

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