Story Of Dark Fairytale: Moothon

Story Of Dark Fairytale: Moothon

The title Moothon is the exact meaning of elder one. Moothon is a malayalam movie which was dubbed into telugu exclusively for the telugu audience. You will enjoy watching this thriller and action movie.  This is the ultimate story of two brothers called Akbar and Mulla. The younger brother starts hunting for the elder brother who left him years ago. This movie was directed by Geetu Mohandas, who is a strong movie. This movie shows the reality of the slum in mumbai. The lives in Mumbai are clumsy and uncertain and this young man gets stuck there in the search of his elder brother. Action movies online are really entertaining and energetic


This movie is the story of the young man called Mulla. He is 14 years old, he lives in Lakshadweep island. He lives with a fisherman called Moosa. Mulla has an elder brother named Akbar who has left the island in search of a girl named Aamina. Mulla is a guy who wears shabby clothes and tries to be like his brother. He doesn’t go to school as he gets bullied by the schoolmates, they ask him to dress up like a girl and put lip shades. He doesn’t like how things are on the island and plans to leave and go meet his brother, he gets into the boat and comes to the city of Mumbai, he faces many problems. He will be friends with Raju whose mom is a prostitute. She helps him with everything from job to shelter. He stays with him and hunts his brother. Watch the whole movie to understand what problems he faced and how did he get over it. Will he meet his brother?

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has got this amazing location. These locations are really attractive. The island scenes are really beautiful.
  • This movie has got really good music and background music. They will make you understand the movie better. Soo music is justified.
  • The camera angles are good. The shots they took in Mumbai city are impressive. It looks so authentic and realistic.
  • The technicalities of the movie like story, screenplay can be better, this movie seems to be more predictable. They could have done more basis work to make this movie more interesting.

Artists Performance:

  • NivinPauly was amazing at his role. He definitely needs all the appreciation as he worked hard for the movie. He has been a wonderful actor before and even till date.
  • SobhitaDhulipala was just bold. She was just excellent at her role, her acting like a prostitute was impressive and the way she carried herself was also attractive.
  • Shashank Arora was handsome and charming in that slum and shabby guy. He was justifying the role properly.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: NivinPauly

Actress: SobhitaDhulipala

Other Actress: Shashank Arora, SanjanaDipu, Melissa Raju Thomas

Director: Geetu Mohandas

Producer: Anurag Kashyap, S. Vinod Kumar, Ajay G. Rai, Alan McAlex

Cinematographer: Rajeev Ravi

Editor: B. Ajithkumar, Kiran Das

Screenplay:      Geetu Mohandas

Other Information:

Run Time: 110 mins

Release Date: 8 November 2019

Genre: Action, Thriller

Available on: Aha

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