Understanding Real Estate Astrology Predictions

Opinions about astrological prediction are generally divided: Mysterious. In actuality, both views are based on a misunderstanding of the nature of how astrology really works. In this report, use a story to show both the true value of astrological prediction, in addition to its limits. Let us imagine that a Woman named Ellen goes to an astrologer, who, after analyzing Ellen’s natal chart regarding the month’s planetary positions, informs her that next weekend she will meet a handsome young man with whom she will start a connection. And that is exactly what happens. Ellen exclaims to Sue, a friend of hers: It is magic. Everything happened just like my astrologer predicted. Sue, impressed with this, makes an appointment with the identical astrologer. In her session, she’s told that yes, she will indeed find that job she has been on the lookout for, and will have it by May. Sue, joyful, goes home and waits for a reply from the company, to which she had applied, yet May comes and goes, and she does not get a call from them. What a fool was. , she comments when she sees Ellen, should have known: astrology is nonsense.

Which one of those two Women is right in her opinion? One could say that they both are, because after all, astrology appears to have worked for Ellen, yet not for Sue. Nevertheless think it would be more appropriate to state, on the contrary, that neither woman was right in her decision, since in every case, that decision was based on the approval of a faulty notion of astrology, that idea being one that most people, both believers and skeptics share: namely, that real estate astrology really seems to be able to reliably predict what is going to happen in the future.

Real Estate Astrologe

Now, many Readers, both the believers and the sceptics, will be disagreeing with me: Well, astrology does indeed claim to predict the future, does not it? , you might say. And you are right in a way: a lot of astrologers do say they can let you know what is awaiting you in the future. This is a claim that notrue believer would dispute, and one which no self-respecting sceptic would fail to criticize, or even ridicule. Opinions on the topic thus would appear to be polarized. The solution lies in identifying what many astrologers claim from what actually astrology can really do.

More than twenty-five Years of experience as an astrologer has convinced me

  • Astrology cannot make exact predictions about your future
  • Astrology can really reveal the trends of your upcoming

And what’s the difference? But if an astrologer tells you that next Tuesday you will be walking down the road, and will accidentally trip and fall, breaking up your wrist since it cracks against a fire hydrant that would be a fairly exact forecast, would not it? However, no astrologer has ever known makes predictions of such a character.